Injection Molding

Conventional, Gas assist, 2 and 3 shot insert, over molding. All Secondaries — Sonic welding, shielding, screening, etc. All thermoplastic resins in-house tooling and mold design.

Rockford Molded Products

Vacuum & Pressure Forming

In-mold color & Texturing. Standard, Engineered and laminated materials.
Thin to heavy gauge materials.
1' x 1' x 10' x 10'.
All Secondaries.

Everbrite, LLC

Mold Design & Tooling

Injection thermoplastic, thermoset, Dynacast aluminum die cast molds, automotive reflex lens tooling. Direct CAD/CAM to CNC mill and EDM programming. Design engineering assistance available.

PTP Manufacturing, Inc.

Plastic Extrusions

Small custom orders or large-scale production requirements, competitive prices without sacrificing quality. Single and dual extrusion profiles out of a wide variety of material. Notching, Drilling, Cut to length and custom secondary operations.

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